The Cape Cod Fisherman

The Cape Cod Fisherman

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This is an original Salty Jones photograph. This is a NOT a print of the original photograph. There is a huge difference in quality between the two. I shot this while onboard the Hyannis Whale Watcher. This fisherman was on Race Point Beach with the Race Point Light as his backdrop. I love this image because it depicts the Cape Cod fisherman like no other. He has a cigarette hanging from his mouth, pants are rolled up and a cap, an essential part of his gear. We were watching whales that were all around us but this guy ignored everything but his fishing pole. It was hysterical to me. I wish I could find him to give him one of his pictures!


  • Printed on high end photographic paper with UV protection so it will never fade.
  • Photograph is square 8” x 8” and protected in real glass.
  • Black wooden frame, 1” wide, measures 12.8” square.
  • Mat is 1.5” and the weight is a little over 3 pounds.


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