St. Francis Figurine & Forest Animals set - FREE SHIPPING!

St. Francis Figurine & Forest Animals set - FREE SHIPPING!

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Our limited edition St. Francis figurine stands just under 7 inches tall, and is completely handmade, from his hand-cast silhouette made of bonded marble dust, to his real fabric hooded wrap. He holds a small dove in his hands, the symbol of peace. At his feet are the 2-piece "Woodland animals" hand-painted, with beautiful faces, including a red fox, two small rabbits, a doe curled up at St. Francis's feet, and even a tiny mouse peers up from his perch. 3 piece set includes story card.


  • Pieces are made of bonded marble dust.
  • St. Francis is approx. 6-1/2 inches tall.
  • The 2-piece hand-cast, hand-painted forest animals are under 2 inches tall.
  • The 3 piece set weighs about 10 ounces, unboxed.
  • Limited number available.
  • Set includes story card.


  • USPS Priority Mail with Insurance
  • Will Ship 2 Business Days
  • Shipping Included