Santa's Magic Key

Santa's Magic Key

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This magic key is the answer to every child's question: " How will Santa get into my house without a chimney?" The key comes with a copyrighted story card explaining the "magic" key.  It is sure to ease the fears of every child in a home without a chimney.

This pattern, Meadowbrook, was released in 1936.  As part of our "Telling Stories" effort, you will receive a card with some interesting facts from 1895.

All of our products are made from up-cycled, vintage flatware.  No reproductions here!  Please be aware that we do cut, file and polish each item to the best of our ability.  That said, there may be slight signs of wear, which we feel adds to the history of the piece. We hope that you will accept these age signs as part of the story of the piece.


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  • ·        Small (6 – 6.5”)
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  • ·        Bracelets have super, heavy duty magnetic closures
  • ·        Bracelets that are listed in size Medium can be re-sized up or down to a large or a medium.  Contact me at after ordering to confirm size change.