Natural Flow

Natural Flow

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Meaning behind the design Natural Flow - Whether it’s a hot yoga session first thing in the morning or a full day on the trails hiking to the top of your favorite mountain, you’re a go-with-the-flow kind of woman. You love movement and would rather be out in the fresh air for a walk than curled up on your couch. Namaste! Our seamless bangles are embossed one at a time using traditional jewelry making techniques from over a century ago. Inspired by everyday women.



Comes in 3 standard sizes:

  • Small: 2.5” Diameter, 7.75” Circumference
  • Medium: 2.57” Diameter, 8” Circumference
  • Large: 2.69” Diameter, 8.5” Circumference



  • Materials: Made with the best sourced jeweler’s brass as the core and 925 silver plated
  • Dimensions: Bracelets are roughly 6mm width or ¼”
  • Weight: Roughly .07oz
  • Sound: Have a distinguished sound when stacked
  • Care: Bracelets can be cleaned with any type of silver polish



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