Companions Nativity Wise Men Set - FREE SHIPPING!

Companions Nativity Wise Men Set - FREE SHIPPING!

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Hestia Creations has been creating hand-cast, hand-painted, and fabric-dressed Nativity figures for over 25 years. The stunning Wise Men set includes Kaspar, a striking dark-skinned king, dressed in brilliant white cloth, with a rich & colorful purse cross his body; Balthasar, with his richly embellished headpiece, robe and sash seems to exude royalty; and Melchior, in his golden tunic and woven robe, kneels as he prepares to view the Christ Child, to bestow the gifts of a chest of gold, frankincense & myrrh, also included in this special set.


  • Figures are approximately 7" tall.

  • Melchior who is kneeling, is approximately 4-1/2" tall.

  • All figures are made of bonded marble dust, hand-painted, and dressed by hand to give a realistic and historically accurate feel.

  • Three king figures plus the Gifts of the Magi set weighs approximately 3 lbs.


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