Lob Tailing Humpback

Lob Tailing Humpback

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This is an original Salty Jones photograph. This is NOT a print of the original, there is a huge difference in the quality. This gorgeous image is a juvenile humpback displaying a behavior called lob tailing. Shot from the Hyannis Whale Watcher summer 2020 on Cape Cod Bay. This young whale is a strong survivor and will do well among the population. I know this from the scaring on his left fluke. Killer whales grab baby humpback by their tails to hold them under the water. This baby humpback wasn't having it and escaped with just a few scars. I love the excitement of this image and the scaring that shows he is a fighter, a true survivor! Good luck little whale!


  • Printed on high end photographic paper with UV protection so it will never fade.
  • Photograph is 24" wide and 16" in height.
  • Acid free dry mount, UV protection glass and vivid white conservation matboard.
  • Overall size is 30" wide and 22.5" in height.
  • Wooden beach wood frame.


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