Ammolite Pendant

Ammolite Pendant

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The green, red, yellow and orange flashes in this stone are gorgeous. The setting is dainty and the bail is large enough to accept most chains. It would be lovely worn for any occasion.


  • This pear shaped Ammolite is 3/4" tall by approximately 5/8" at the widest point.
  • It is mounted in the setting with the point down as a "drip", not a "drop".
  • The wire used is square 14/20 gold filled which is the best filled available.
  • It will wear a lifetime.
  • The overall length of the pendant is 2 9/16".
  • The technique for fabrication is wire wrapping which is several thousand years old and used no solder or other hard connections.
  • Everything is held together with the wires.


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