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"Time Passes. Things Change. Adapt. Accept."

We probably don’t have a single graphic that gets a bigger mix of immediate reaction, nostalgia, and confusion over a given day than ADAPT.

So what’s the story? In a nutshell you have two common vinyl record formats 12" (33rpm) and 7" (45rpm). Back in the day bands would put out ‘singles’ - which to further confuse things could be up to three songs - on the 45 format, which physically has a larger center hole than the standard 33 format vinyl played on record players.

In order to hear the awesome ‘single’ you just picked up on your turn table, you needed to clip in a 45 adapter into the large center hole so it could be played. Why did bands even put out 45’s / singles? The Billboard Hot 100 chart basically was/is a ranking of the most popular songs (an aggregate measure of store sales, radio play, and juke box plays) and in order for a ‘song’ to be eligible of the Hot 100 it had to be available for purchase as a physical single (aka a 7" 45rpm)

This is a perfect shirt for the vinyl enthusiast in your life no matter their age!


  • Small - XXL Available
  • Color: Heather Concrete


  • 57% ring-spun cotton, 48% Viscose
  • 4.2oz
  • Soft, lightweight comfortable fabric
  • Traditional Fit
  • Screen printed interior size and care label


  • USPS Priority Mail
  • Will Ship in 2 Business Days