A Running Heart

A Running Heart

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Meaning behind the design A Running Heart - Your heartbeat guides you every day. Whether it’s your favorite person or favorite past time, approach all things with passion, loyalty and absolute dedication. Our seamless bangles are embossed one at a time using traditional jewelry making techniques from over a century ago. Inspired by everyday women.



Comes in 3 standard sizes:

  • Small: 2.5” Diameter, 7.75” Circumference
  • Medium: 2.57” Diameter, 8” Circumference
  • Large: 2.69” Diameter, 8.5” Circumference



  • Materials: Made with the best sourced jeweler’s brass as the core and 925 silver plated
  • Dimensions: Bracelets are roughly 6mm width or ¼”
  • Weight: Roughly .07oz
  • Sound: Have a distinguished sound when stacked
  • Care: Bracelets can be shine with any type of silver polish



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