Seller Terms and Conditions

Why Sell with Us?

  • After 34 years of producing Festivals in New England, our mailing list is 25k strong and our Facebook page has over 30k followers.
  • We were rated 8th Best Contemporary Craft Show in the country by Sunshine Artist Magazine in 2019. This gives us a significant head start against other folks starting in a similar position.
  • We are active about advertising the website. The commission goes towards a national marketing campaign to push the Artisan Giftmas concept across the country.

20% Commission

We’ll be charging 20% commission per sale + 3% credit card processing fees. We only get paid when you get paid! On your behalf, we will provide promotion, digital and marketing expertise for your products. We will also provide technical support to you and the customer. We are available by email and phone to answer questions.

*If your retail product price per item is over $1000 then the commission will reduce to 17% per sale + 3% credit card processing.

*As we are a commission only based website, you are not allowed to list your website or Etsy store link in your seller profile or in any of your product pages.


Payouts will be sent out to you on the 3rd of each month to the bank account or debit card you use when you create your Stripe account in your seller dashboard.

  • We will reconcile payments every 30 days for each completed sale.
  • A completed sale is when we have received the tracking number from you for the product AND when it has been delivered and you change the status to delivered in your Seller Dashboard. 

Please allow up to a week after the 3rd of each month to allow for processing and sending before inquiring about missing payouts.

Example Sale

Below is a breakdown of how a regular sale might work.

  • If your product retails at $100
  • You sell it on your website for $100 + $5.00 domestic shipping
  • We will sell it for $105 (plus sales tax) on our website with shipping included
  • You will then receive a payout of $82 ($77 which is your payout of the sale + $5 for shipping.)

When we calculate our payout from each sale, we will make sure the shipping cost is separated before taking out the commission.


As we are a Florida based company, taxes will only be due if there is a sale to someone who lives in Florida. If that is the case, the tax amount will automatically be added to the purchase price. We will charge the customer the appropriate amount of tax and pay taxes on these sales. You will be considered a drop-shipper in this regard.


The presentation of your product says a lot about your company. We encourage you to make it as attractive as possible. Gift wrapping would be awesome.


Once the order has been purchased and received by us

Artisan Giftmas will:

  • Email you the order information and shipping details. This information can also be viewed in your Seller Dashboard.
  • Keep the customer updated

Artisan Will:

  • Receive the order via email and in your Seller Dashboard
  • Make sure the order is marked as "Paid" in green in your Seller Dashboard before shipping. If an order is shipped without having been paid for, this expense is the responsibility of the artisan.
  • Once shipped, enter the tracking number into the order in your dashboard so we know it is on the way to the customer. This will auto send an email to customer informing them that their order has been shipped. 
  • Once the product has arrived to the customer, change the status of the order to "Delivered" in your Seller Dashboard. This is how we know to process your payout.
Included shipping will be domestic only. International buyers will be advised of an additional cost.


  • Returns & Exchanges are up to you as the seller. 
  • The customer will have up to 30 days to initiate contact for a return or exchange.
  • Custom made goods will not be eligible for exchange. Customers will be informed of this.

Please note what your Refund/Exchange Policy is in your "Store Policy" section of your Seller Profile.

If a customer wants to make a return of exchange, they will contact you via your Artisan Profile page by clicking “Contact” and you will receive an email. Return shipping will be the customers responsibility.

Jurying and Limitations   

  • Product Limits - You are allowed to post a maximum of 50 different products for sale on the website. Unlimited units per product.
  • All products are subject to jurying, or our ability to sell them on the website. No Guarantee we’ll publish your product.
  • We will email you upon acceptance. At which point you will be asked for your bank information in order to receive your payouts.
  • All products must be handmade.
  • All products must be base priced the same as you have them on your website
  • Artisans are responsible for having their own business insurance and proper licenses.
  • Artisan may not solicit to email addresses from customers that have come through Artisan Giftmas.
  • This remainder of agreement will be valid even if parts of it later are found to be invalid.
  • This document is subject to change, and we will notify you when those changes take place.

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