Photography Tips and Tricks

Improve Your Sales With Better Photos

A photograph on your website is very important. You are competing with retailers around the world, and your potential customers need to be blown away by what you are selling.

A high-quality, well-lit photograph that highlights why your product is incredible helps make the “thousand-words” a picture speaks all positive ones.

Below are a few external articles that may help you get the most bang for your buck.

How to take High Quality Photos with your Smartphone

This article, written by Michael Keenan for the Shopify Blog, walks you through some simple and inexpensive ways to take high-quality photos with your smartphone and some innovative at home solutions.

Smartphone Photo Article

Third Party Photos with Square

Square launched a product photography service that will take 3, professional-quality, photos for $10 per product. This can be much less expensive than hiring a local professional photographer.

Square Photo Studio

Improve your Headshots

Taking a high quality headshot is key to giving a solid and personal virtual first impression. Here is a great article from Kirby Partners that is targeted at job seekers but works well for anyone trying to take an better biography shot.

Better Headshots