Marketing Assets for Artisans

We want to make it easy for you to market your wares on Artisan Giftmas, so below you'll find a few assets to help you out.

Follow Us On Social Media

Our marketing kicks off on our new marketing channels which you can find below. Please follow these using your social accounts and share our promotions across your channels as often as you can. Discounts on some channels will not exist on others, so be sure to follow and share from each channel to get the most impact.

Artisan Giftmas Badge

You can use this badge on your website, and link directly to your store. Right click and download this badge for your use.

Find Your Marketplace Link

Point folks directly at your store by finding your marketplace link. Find any of your products and you can find the link to your store by clicking on your "marketplace link."


You can find and download Artisan Giftmas Logos for your use using this dropbox link below:

Artisan Giftmas Logos

Sample Text

Feel free to write your own copy, but here are some simple pieces of text that will work across all social media channels.

Find us on the all new - a brand new way to shop handmade gifts online.

Support us and other Artisans hit hard this year by purchasing gifts at

Find us and other incredible Artisans to purchase handmade gifts for everyone on your list at