Emily Johnson


A little about the Artist

Hi! My name is Emily and I am the designer and maker behind Green Mountain Crochet. When I'm not playing with my yarn, which is most of the time, I'm watch sports; hockey and football are definitely my favorites. For my full time job I work as a high school counselor, which is absolutely my favorite thing and bring me so much joy!

About their Business

Green Mountain Crochet has been in my life for about 5 years now. I reconnected with crochet after my Grandmother passed away in college, she was the one who taught me the craft. I found myself always playing with yarn so I had SO MANY THINGS, which made the transition to selling my pieces an easy choice.

The mantra for Green Mountain Crochet is to "Stay Warm & Be Cute" which is what I have in mind with everything I make. Chunky scarves are my favorite things so that is what you will find in my shop along with pom pom has and some blankets!

Available Products