Debbie Noiseux


A little about the Artist

I am a self taught artist, starting my love affair with colored stones and metal at the age of 15, after taking a jewelry making class. I have been making a living from my craft for over 40 years, showing at art shows in the Northeast, and in Florida. My love of colorful stones of all types has led me to combine them into many fascinating designs. Each is a one-of-a-kind piece, designed around the stones using an interplay of shape, light, and texture. These contemporary designs not only stand out, but blend well with even the most traditional jewelry.

About their Business

I discovered I loved to create jewelry when I was 15, and started my business in 1984. I hand fabricate all my work into contemporary, modern designs made for your enjoyment for many years! All my creations are made in gold and/or silver, and designed incorporating a variety of semi precious stones. Then forging, texturing, soldering, and polishing I achieve my goal - a beautiful piece of jewelry! These days, we are learning how to sell online, and in the high tech world of social media. Please browse and have fun shopping at the "!

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