Carrie Whelan


A little about the Artist

It took some time before my head & my heart aligned…before I accepted my journey would be as a jewelry designer.

The desire to create jewelry struck while I was planning my wedding. I wanted to design meaningful gifts for my bridesmaids. Short on time as a graduate student, I put the idea aside, but just momentarily.

As I pursued a teaching career, I developed a passion for designing jewelry. I struggled to secure a position during an economic time where jobs were scarce. While doors seemed to close at every turn in the teaching profession, the path to a jewelry business seemed clear. After the birth of my children it was even more apparent that I should follow the path of my heart, go where my talents led.

Stacked with gold bracelets, a strand of pearls, an heirloom pin – I was raised around strong females revealing their personality with jewelry. My Mother’s romantic spirit and love of timeless things have woven their way into my design. A handwritten note, the perfect blossom, an arched cathedral window – it’s all encompassed in my design style that celebrates elegance and the strength of femininity.

I believe a jewelry wardrobe should be complete with quality, timeless designs that you can reach for again and again.

About their Business

Carrie Whelan Designs is artisan jewelry that celebrates both femininity and timeless style. Each piece is designed and created in our Connecticut studio with exquisite attention to detail. Inspired by her pursuit of beautiful jewelry for her own wedding, Carrie Whelan continues to design for the romantic. Think: fresh, airy designs, soft hued stones, and faceted glints. Carrie Whelan Designs creates feminine, elegant jewelry meant to celebrate all of life’s special moments.

Carefully selected freshwater pearls and semi-precious gemstones entwine with sterling silver to create pieces that quickly become enduring favorites. From lush statement necklaces and chandelier earrings dripping with stones to the most ethereal, shimmering pearls - it’s jewelry meant to be worn again and again.

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