Tamara Lord


After many years in the fashion industry and a background designing for Ralph Lauren and Liz Claiborne, Tamara Lord was inspired by her experience and decided to branch out in 2003 and develop a signature line of handbags called Tamara Handbags.

In 2011, Tamara Lord changed her company name to Tamara Boston to include a fashionable clothing collection that she launched to compliment the handbags.

Tamara's fashionable tees include beautiful designs - flowers, hearts, nautical themes, inspirational words, holiday themes, and much more.

The clothing is a perfect mix of fashion and comfort for an active lifestyle. The collection features hoodies, slouchy sweatshirts, long sleeves, short sleeves, tank tops, dresses, and little girls tees.

In 2015, the Tamara Boston Clothing Collection became the main focus of the company with tees flying off the shelves. Every season, Tamara expands the collection even more!

Available Products