Kamaal Jarrett


A little about the Artist

Born in Cypress Hall, a small town high atop the Red Hills of Kingston, Jamaica, Kamaal Jarrett, the Founder of Hillside Harvest, was taught to appreciate the simple things in life. Later, when his parents decided to establish roots in the United States, they settled on Massachusetts and ultimately the small town of Milton; nestled between Boston and the Great Blue Hill mountain range. Growing-up, Kamaal showed an inherent love for food; watching endless hours of PBS cooking shows and spending summer hours with his Aunt Elaine in her Egleston Square bakery and Caribbean restaurant. As his passion for food grew, so did Kamaal’s appreciation for the two cultures that raised him. Exposing his family to traditional American dishes or his friends to authentic Jamaican cuisine became a normal occurrence.

About their Business

Hillside Harvest is a premium sauce company fueled by individuals with a love for food and a passion for exploration. We’re energized by the bold, the unique, and the delicious!

At Hillside Harvest, our goal is to craft gourmet, flavor-forward, Caribbean-American-inspired sauces that surprise and delight our consumers; opening their eyes to exciting new ways in which to enjoy their favorite dishes.

Today, we at Hillside Harvest strive to continue the tradition of introducing our Customers to unique flavors and recipes.

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