Isai Aleksandrovich


A little about the Artist

I was born in a small Russian village where my whole family made nesting dolls, religious eggs, Santa figures, and Christmas ornaments as well. This tradition has been carried out for many generations of my family. In 1989, I moved to the United States and continued this tradition from abroad to show people the beauty of this art form.

About their Business

When I moved to the United States my wife and I opened up the company Russian Winter in 1990 from our house. I do the woodworking and paint and my wife helps me with some of the painting. We make our dolls from linden wood from Russia, which is carefully dried. We make the paint ourselves in a traditional Russian manner. We paint our wooden dolls by hand. It's our tradition of preserving Russian art style, traditions, and carving art flair. A handcrafted Nesting Doll is surely one of the best gifts you can present to someone or yourself.

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