Dawn Wohltjen


In 2008, I began making wooden home decor and painted wooden miniatures. Then, in 2010, while at a small craft show in Denton, Texas, a single comment made by a customer changed everything. While looking at my miniatures, she said “those would make the cutest tic-tac-toe games.” ... and so it began.

I developed a board and a few characters and got to painting. By 2014, most of my business was in the games. I changed my business name from “Dawn’s Crafts” to “Wood U Play.” I decided to work on my product throughout the year and only participate in 3 larger juried shows in the fall in addition to selling on-line.

Since that time, I have relocated to Keysville, Virginia. With the help of family and customers I continue to come out with new designs. I have also expanded my games to include checkers and most recently solitaire.

Available Products