Dan Merson


A little about the Artisan

I LOVE DOGS. I have dedicated my life to helping dogs live better in this world. And helping humans live better in the world with their dogs. When I was young I realized that I needed to live as compassionately as possible. Every day I try to live my values.

About their Business

Walk Your Dog With Love is The Original No-Choke, No-Pull, More Love dog harness. Founded in 2006 because I NEVER want to walk a dog by its neck and because I was TOTALLY unhappy with how other harnesses were made. I wanted something that A) gave me control B) that was easy to put on C) that was comfy for my dogs (I had 5 dogs!) D) that wasn’t around my dogs’ necks (I love them, and hate paying vet bills) and E) that were made in the USA. Because I couldn’t find something that met all those criteria… I invented what I needed and started to make them myself. And now I sell them worldwide and there are Happy Dogs and Dog Ma’s & Dads everywhere.

Available Products