Ania Kowalska-Davis


A little about the Artist

My motto is "There is Beauty in Simplicity"

I design jewelry out of passion for natural beauty and history of Baltic Amber. The most fascinating phase of the creating process is hand polishing this ancient organic gem, by taking off "the shell of time" (over 40 million years) to free the light, inclusions , and palette of colors.

a gemstone available only to mobility
in the Greek civilization
was treasured as highly as gold

Inspired by this golden gem's natural beauty
Its infinite play of inclusions
And by the essence of Elegant Simplicity
I transfer each stone into a simple, sleek
Yet warm and romantic design the Splendor of 40 million years
of history
And Capture the Light...
The Northern Light...
That has Danced Untouched
Through the Ages...

About their Business

My amber adventure started over 25 years ago, with designing collection for the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

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